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Happy Thanksgiving from NYC

Je commence un nouveau chapitre dans ma vie dans la Ville où tous les rêves se réalisent. Même si nous sommes à la fin de l'année, on peut toujours se réinventer. Toujours. 
J'ai rencontré des personnes fabuleuses cette année, mais voici ma plus belle et plus adorable rencontre dans cette grande, folle, excitante ville qu'est NYC. Curieuse, hilarante et Fashion Lover dans l'âme comme moi, je vais partager avec vous, nos découvertes.

I am starting a new chapter in my life in the Big Apple. Even at the end of the Year, you can reinvent yourself. Always.
I met wonderful people this year, but here is my loveliest and best encounter in this big, crazy, exciting city that is NYC. Curious, hilarious and Fashion lover as I am, I'm going to share with you, our world. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful, warm and fabulous moment with their families & friends.

Spotted: Angela & Roi

Hello everyone ! Here is my last web discovery. A small gem... Angela & Roi.

A colorful and very chic handbag brand where Fashion, Love and Philanthropy meet. The company was founded by a couple, Angela Lee and Roi Lee. The brand is not only a beautiful collection of bags made with high vegan leather quality, the couple create and fight for a good cause. More than one in fact, and we can all bring our support. 

Five dollars are donated each time a handbag is purchased to the organization related to its color. 

Yes. Every color represents a cause. 

From the small clutch to the large tote, more than eleven colors are available. 

I must say the Sunday Brink-Pink Tote and the Classic Wine Cross-body are my favorite ones. Look at this amazing fatal RED. This color is amazing! That would perfectly match my lipstick ;-)

Lines are pure and prices are really sweet. I will support the Breast Cancer and AIDS / HIV. Do you want to bring your help ? A detachable leather color ribbon is furnished with each handbag. By attaching the ribbon to your handbag, you can help raise awareness. 

Website => Angela&Roi

Thank you !